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Hello, my name is "Shoby" Draica, I live in Bucharest and bodypiercing has been my occupation since 1999 when I graduated from physician assistants college, giving me the right to work with needles and medical equipment. I took part in several TV shows: Stirile ProTv, Profashion - PRO TV, Viata in direct - B1TV, Oala sub presiune (where I did an ear-piering live), Ne vedem la TVR (pilot edition) - TVR, and had an interview in 20 ani magazine - June 2002

Info: 0722.30.12.15, fax 021-4509264 (between 10.00 - 21.00)
Pain: There is no pain involved due to local anaesthesia, except areas I don't use anaesthesia on: nose, eyebrow, ear.
Session time:
Around 10 seconds after the anaesthesia is working.
Pierces are sterilized in isopropilene alcohol 99.6 degrees.Sterilization of pincers is done before and after every piercing (isopropilene alcohol + dry-heat sterilizer at 200 - 250C). I use disposable single-use needles, sealed and in term and there's also the area disinfection with iodine.
Healing period:
There is no such thing as specific healing period as it varied from one person to another, depending on the specific reaction of the human body and the aftercare according to my advice (without any "overheard" improvising)
You need to come with your own one, as it each person makes the choice according to personal taste.

For additional info, please contact me at 0722.30.12.15.


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